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I am Viraj Gandhi, a PhD student of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. My research interest is the simulation of momentum transfer between ion and gas molecules to find the mobility of the ion. As the need to separate similar ions increased, high resolution IMS devices such as FAIMS and SLIM were developed. With these new devices, researchers observed behaviour such as the peculiar K0 – E/n hump, mobility shift of isotopomers, etc which cannot be explained by currently widely accepted theories. To explain the effects of high electric field, a mobility calculator using the Two-Temperature theory was developed. This calculator can find up to fourth order of mobility. To observe the mobility shift between isotopomers, a higher fidelity numerical analysis software – IMoS 2.0 is being developed in which the effects of angular velocity and moment of inertia are being considered. IMoS 2.0 employs a Monte Carlo type algorithm that calculates mobility by assuming an NVT ensemble of gas molecules and ions. The ion can be subjected to an electric field, constant or varying in position and time. 

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