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vaibhavI am a Mechanical Engineering graduate (MSME) student at Purdue school of Engineering, (IUPUI). My specialization is in Thermal and Fluid science. I have completed by bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pune, India. Currently, I am working in Molecular Kinematic lab as a Research Assistant in Mechanical Department. My research involves numerical development of Kinetic theory of gases. My interest lies in the field of Molecular Dynamics, Propulsion science, and heat transfer related subjects. My acquiescent and supportive organization fostered my subject of interest and provided all the possible assistance for exploring the same. My practical based approach not only made me participate in various seminars, but also helped me in involving in various projects.

Besides the engineering curricula, Astronomy has always remained my passion. I am an amateur astronomer and love watching night sky, wonder on formation of heavenly celestial bodies, and try to find the gist of natural phenomenon happening in space. Along with astronomy, I love traveling to new places. I like to explore new cultures, food, and music. Playing cricket and watching science fiction movie is my favorite past time. I enjoy my leisure time with my friends roaming around in city.

I believe in “Everyone fashions his own fortune”.

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