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minalI am a graduate student studying Mechanical Engineering at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). I received my BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Along with my graduate studies, I am pursuing my research at Molecular kinematics Lab. Here my research is on designing an inverted drift tube. I am hobbyist of reading books, travelling, watching movies, and playing different games.

Drift tube is a device that segregates molecules based on their mobility. Inside drift tube, the drift region consists of series of ring electrodes that varies linearly from high to low potential. Ions get push by the potentials and a gas flow is provided at the opposite direction of ion flow. Owing to two forces: electric potential and drag by gas, the ions are separated based on their mobility where the ion of high mobility travels ahead of the ion of low mobility towards the downstream side of drift tube.


In case of inverted drift tube, this concept is just inverted. Ions are pushed by gas and potentials are varied from low to high. For this arrangement, the ions with lower mobility travels ahead of the ion of higher mobility. Therefore, it is very useful for measuring the properties of bigger ions, which is not easily possible in drift tube.


My research has two phases. In current phase, I am working with SIMION, a simulation tool to simulate Inverted Drift Tube and on next Phase, I will try to couple Inverted Drift Tube with CPC of Kanomax Company practically, which will be uniquely used for detection of pollutants in environment.

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